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The HelpDesk employs over 30 student assistants on a regular basis. These students assist the full-time HelpDesk Staff in providing technical software and hardware support to all members of the university community. Applications for the HelpDesk Assistant position are accepted anytime and can be completed on this website by filling out the fields below. If you are interested in working at the HelpDesk, please be sure that your application is updated each semester. It is very important that your class schedule is included on the application so that we can determine your availability for position openings as they arise.

Q. When will I know if I got the job?
A. Although we typically hire people at the start of semesters we also do some hiring during the semester as needed. HelpDesk Staff will contact you via a phone call or email if you are being considered for a position.

Q. How much do I need to know about computers?
A. Some experience, self taught or formally trained.

Q. What skills do I need for this job?
A. Good customer service, communication and people skills. Troubleshooting and some computer experience in any of the following: (software applications, hardware, programming, networking)

Q. I picked up an application earlier, where do send it?
A. We prefer that you apply online using the information below. A resume or other items can be emailed to the HelpDesk Manager, or HelpDesk Manager, Academic Computing, Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI 49855

Q. What if I don't know my class schedule?
A. If you have your NMU ID and password, you can access to view your class schedule. If you still don't know your class schedule complete an application anyway and remember the User ID and password you used. You update your application later once you know your schedule.

Applying for: